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Robotic orthopedic surgery center

Robotic orthopedic surgery center

Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center:

The goal of the Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center is to use cutting-edge technology and methods to give patients from all over the world the best medical care possible. The Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center was opened in Bursa, Turkey, in 2016 by Kayhan T. Uran, an orthopaedic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience.

All of our doctors are committed to learning for the rest of their lives, and each of our specialists is a skilled surgeon (CEP). Through CEP, our doctors can specialize in different areas of orthopaedics, such as spine surgery, foot, ankle, hand, shoulder, knee, and joint care, sport orthopaedic, pediatric orthopaedic, trauma surgery, and arthroscopic surgery. Robotic orthopedic surgery center use cutting-edge technology, medical practices that put the patient first, and internationally recognized standards to give our patients the best care possible.

Robotic surgery helps with joint replacements because it is more precise and reliable, so patients can heal faster. Surgeons with a lot of experience and training in robotic surgery replace hips and knees with a high-tech robotic arm that gives real-time information through sight, sound, and touch. Robotic orthopedic surgery center surgeons has full control over the robotic arm and can change the pre-op plan at the last minute if they need to. Hip and knee replacements are some of the hardest surgeries to do.

Robotic orthopedic surgery center

Robot-assisted hip and knee replacement surgery has a lot of benefits for patients. For example, they may have fewer problems, heal faster, and stay in the hospital for less time. When implants are in the right place, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around them can work normally and last longer. Here are some of the best things about robotic surgery: Robotic orthopedic surgery center Because it is less invasive, and problems like infection and bleeding after the surgery are less likely to happen.

Smaller incisions make it possible to do surgery, which means less tissue is cut and the patient heals faster.
It has been found that using a computer and a robotic arm to place implants more accurately makes them work better and last longer.

Less blood loss:

Robotic surgery lets the surgeon make fewer cuts and put less stress on the tissues. High-definition cameras also help the surgeon see better. Patients who have robotic surgery can expect to get better faster and get back to their normal lives. With implant placement, the patient’s normal anatomy is brought back to life, which leads to better surgical results. Robotic orthopedic surgery center robots are used, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the joint may work better. This lets the person get better quickly and get back to their normal life. The increase in the use of robotic-assisted joint replacement over the past 10 years has made patients happier, less painful, and more mobile. Joint replacement is one area where robotic surgery is helping doctors do their jobs more precisely, which will lead to better outcomes for their patients in the long run.

Make an appointment at Hinsdale Robotic orthopedic surgery center to find out if you are a good candidate for robotic surgery if you have chronic pain, loss of motion, or stiffness that doesn’t get better with conservative, non-surgical treatment.

Robotic orthopedic surgery center

Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center:

•  Arthroplasty

•  Arthroscopy

•  Sports Surgery

•  Hand Surgery

•  Foot and Ankle Surgery

•  Spine Surgery

•  Pediatric Orthopedics

•  Regenerative Orthopedics

•  Bacteriophage Therapy

•  Limb Lengthening

•  Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Robotic orthopedic surgery center

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