Awards Dinner Sponsor


  • 30 minutes presentation during the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony with International
  • Buyers and Authorities
  • Desk with 4 chairs during B2B meetings & TV with 42” screen (or 55” if available)
  • The logo on the EMT web page
  • 20 B2B meetings (medical travel agencies, facilitators, pharmacists, doctors)
  • International Conference entry
  • Thanks from the podium in the opening speeches
  • Advertising brochure in the Buyers’ accommodation rooms (will be prepared by the


  • sponsoring company)
  • Name and logo on the newsletter campaign
  • Name and logo on social media campaign
  • 2 pages in the Med & Care catalogue
  • Banner in BookingsMed Plattform 12 months – large banner on home page
  • Roll up inside the conference room (will be carried out by the sponsoring company).
  • Meet & Match Buyers (travel agencies, doctors, pharmacists, facilitators)