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Prevention with italian spa treatments

Prevention with italian spa treatments

Prevention is essential to take care of yourself. It is better to pay attention to our health when we are healthy than to have to pay attention to it when we are sick.

The spas are our ally because, combining proper nutrition and a balanced diet, they help our organism to defend itself better.

The main prevention is carried out on what are called \”season ills\”, which combined with psychological fatigue and physical illnesses, are the most annoying.

It is possible, however, to prevent both the simplest disorders, such as cooling, but also more complex ones: heart problems, irritability, insomnia and vascular problems.  

In winter it is important to carry out treatments to strengthen the immune system and fight viral forms.

In spring and in aesthetes, on the other hand, allergic forms, asthenia can be counteracted and our energies can be reactivated.

In autumn we find treatments that help prevent bronchitis and asthmatic forms, but also to combat damage related to smoking and pollution

The Italian Baths are therefore fundamental to take care of yourself in a natural way, combining care with a holiday that will surely give us relaxation and carefreeness.

This year, given the Covid-19 emergency, many spa hotels and spas have enhanced their offer with programs to increase immune defenses, check-ups, alcaline diets. Of course, all the proposals are followed by teams of excellent doctors.

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