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Medical treatments – wellness in Italy

Medical treatments – wellness in Italy

Italian treatments follow medical and physiotherapy protocols that are considered among the most effective and known at European level and also immediately give beneficial effects to our health. Here we list the following treatments:

Mud – balneotherapy or it is a DOC clay able to fight osteoarthritis, stress, reactivates circulation, detoxifies the body by reminalizing the body and decontracting the muscles and also has anti-inflammatory properties, increases our immune defenses and is effective in chronic respiratory diseases. In fact, mud holds a patent for its presence within its active ingredients. We can say that he is capable of doing real \”miracles\” on our health.

Another treatment very well known in Italy is thermal water or chemically classified as hyperthermal salso-bromine-iodic. It is also used for our inhalation therapies while keeping the cavities of the ORL apparatus well hydrated. Another fundamental feature is useful for the maturation of mud with its qualities in being warm and precious. Our facilities inside their pools keep the water temperature constant thanks to an automatic system that guarantees the hygiene and safety of the water itself. Taking a step back we can say that inhalation therapies based on thermal water have the ability to prevent phlogistic processes that cause seasonal or chronic disorders and finally have an antiseptic and stimulation action of the ciliary apparatus reducing the microbiological component.

 In addition, our facilities have a scientific method formulated to counteract oxidative stress preventing any repercussions on cellular aging.

We have treatments to regenerate and treat your skin, programs to restore and enhance your immune defenses and programs for cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation in order to recover and reactivate your respiratory capacity where the client will go to carry out a series of clinical examinations by high-level doctors.

After your stay you will be given a final assessment to measure the degree of psychophysical recovery.

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