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Why Medical tourism training course is No 1

Why Medical tourism training course is No 1

Top Medical Tourism Training Course Our Objective’s:

Believe that highly focused education programs, training, masterclasses, or capacity-building events play an essential role in the development of health tourism. If you are going to start your medical tourism company, or you are already working in the field and, you need the training to update yourself, this course is for you.

The medical tourism industry is still a growing one. more than anything else, as the name entails, this industry deals with the health of people so anybody involved in this industry should be well-informed about the whole process. Still, there are no wellestablished regulations or standards for this industry. So knowing about the fundamentals of this industry can help you to grow your industry. Medical tourism training course In this regard, sskmedtour in collaboration with bookingsmed.com have gathered real practitioners in the field and planned a practical, detailed course for those who are interested in medical tourism and want to know more. We have been creating and running specialist training programs and masterclasses for industry representatives, destination management organizations, and professional associations on product and experience development, benchmarking and competitiveness, and on marketing health tourism & Medical tourism training course.

Our tailor-made solutions provide participants with the most up-to-date industry information and academic
research findings. We help them to translate and adapt the shared information to their very own business situation and also help them during the implementation process

Types of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is known by different names such as surgical tourism, dental tourism, cosmetic tourism, etc. But a big name that you most commonly heard in association with medical tourism is health tourism. Actually, they are not synonymous. But mostly they are used interchangeably. Many have tried to define medical tourism as a subcategory of health tourism. Health tourism in this definition is an umbrella term for medical and wellness tourism. 

Dr. C. Constantinides from HealthCare Cybernetics distinguishes both terms and defines “health tourism” as services related to health and involving travel. As a collective term “health tourism” covers services, which are classified into eight categories: medical tourism, dental tourism, spa tourism, wellness tourism, sports tourism, culinary tourism, accessible tourism, and assisted residential tourism. K. Pollard, on the other hand, introduces a similar distinction of, what he calls comprehensively, “health and medical travel”.

He distinguished health tourism into five categories: medical tourism, dental tourism, cosmetic surgery (or esthetic) tourism, spa tourism, and wellness tourism. Here The point of distinction is the issue of necessity. Orthopedic surgery is necessary so it is medical tourism but cosmetic surgery is elective.  Hence, health tourism is a broader concept than medical tourism, they may apply interchangeably. However, the main problem that exists in defining medical tourism also happens to health tourism. 

The Basics:

  • Latest Terms, Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges in Medical Tourism
  • Legal, ethical & cultural issues involved in Medical Tourism.
  • Medical tourism training course.
  • Developing international patient departments and support services and concierge services
  • Target Market Strategies in Medical Tourism
  • Relationship Management, Introduction and Networking Services
  • Customer Service Trainings

Medical tourism training course


Medical Tourism Marketing strategies for business sustainability
Digital Media Marketing in Medical tourism training course.
Strategic guidance on acquiring investment and startup funding.

Why Health Tourism course is Best?

  • Wellness Tourism
  • Medical tourism training course.
  • Accessible Tourism/Senior Tourism
  • Telemedicine


2.Real time interactive services (RTIS)

3.Remote monitoring

Managing Patient Travel:

  • Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form
  • Managing aftercare process
  • Medical tourism facilitator
  • Human Sources In Medical Tourism

Tour Guide & Translator:

  • Educating tour leaders about the main concepts and principles of medical tourism, legal and medical issues.
  • Educating translator about the basics of medical centers such as patients’ rights, safety standards and consent forms & Medical tourism training course.
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