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What is Italy And ITB Berlin 2023 Germany

What is Italy And ITB Berlin 2023 Germany


During the three days of ITB Berlin, experts and professionals from Italy’s travel industry were shown off at the booth through a number of activities and press conferences. On March 7, the destination began teasing its plans for 2023 with the hashtag. Ambassador Armando Varricchio, Ivana Jelinic, CEO of ENIT, Sandro Pappalardo, ENIT Board Member and State-Regions Conference Delegate, and Daniela Garnero Santanchè, Minister of Tourism, all spoke at the first press conference. Italy And Itb Berlin 2023 Germany  This year, there are international events like the Ocean Race 23, the Giro cycling race, and the Ryder Cup.

Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, and Basilicata all talked about their best places to visit, like beautiful bike rides and old hiking trails. On Wednesday, each of the regions of Tuscany, Sicily, and Calabria got a chance to show off what they have to offer. The national airline, ITA Airlines, was also there to talk about big changes to its services and route network for 2023. Italy And Itb Berlin 2023 Germany  Company leaders say that by the end of the year, there will be 96 planes in the fleet, 48 of which will be brand new. With a new fleet, the airline is adding more flights from Rome to San Francisco, Washington, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Kuwait City. Italy And Itb Berlin 2023 Germany After “The Most Beautiful Borghi in Italy,” a detailed guide to the 334 most beautiful towns in Italy, was shown, ITA held a big party with aperitifs.


Tourism Officials:

Thursday, tourism officials from Apulia, Brescia, and Federterme brought a huge crowd to the ENIT news conference platform to talk about their newest services for the tourism industry. The RoutNet project will fix up eight public buildings in the Puglia area. Bergamo Brescia 2023 – the Italian City of Culture, and Italian spas, which are a one-of-a-kind resource for health. Wellness, and body care, were some of them. The European LGBTQ+ Travel Association ended with a very informative talk about how companies and governments are addressing social and economic sustainability.

The Italy And Itb Berlin 2023 Germany country’s main tourism group has made taking care of the environment a top priority. Its research shows that shoppers are paying more attention to the environment when making purchases. Almost half of Italians (48%) are either very interested or somewhat interested in eco-friendly tourism and environmental certifications for travel businesses. Italy And Itb Berlin 2023 Germany In the same way. The Italian hospitality industry is becoming more and more sure that the appeal of leisure. Travel will be a big draw for Italian tourists in the coming years.

What is Italy And ITB Berlin 2023 Germany

Moreover, the most influential tourist organisation Italy And ITB Berlin 2023 Germany in the nation has made protecting the natural world one of its highest priorities. According to the company’s study, consumers are now giving more consideration to environmental factors when making purchases. About half of all Italians, or 48%, have some level of interest in eco-friendly tourism and environmental certifications for travel enterprises. These levels of interest range from highly keen to slightly interested. In a similar vein, the hotel sector in Italy is growing more and more confident that the allure of leisure travel will be a significant pull for foreign visitors to Italy in the years to come.

What is Italy And ITB Berlin 2023 Germany share important insights from the adventure and outdoor travel industries by using the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s latest reports on responsible traveller trends and sustainable events (ATTA). Second, join a lively panel discussion with people from different places to learn about sustainability and net-zero policies that are working well. The debate will then move on to a second-panel discussion with an international tour operator, a well-known media person, and a digital solutions expert. All of these people are important to the development of a destination. Find out what they bring to the table, what they want from you as a consumer liaison, and What is Italy And ITB Berlin 2023 Germany how everyone from local suppliers to destination managers can be ready for changing consumer needs and make sustainability the default for the next generation of adventure tourists.



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