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Galeazzi orthopedic institute

Galeazzi orthopedic institute

The Istituto Galeazzi orthopedic institute is where hip replacement surgery is done:

The Galeazzi Hip Surgery Department has a centre of expertise for hip arthroplasty using minimally invasive and high-wear-resistant implants. Each year, they do more than 600 procedures. The centre is also known for its successful conservative implants, as well as for treating FAI and birth defects. A lot of people go to the facility for revision surgery because it has a high success rate and prostheses don’t fail very often. Most of the time, the department does both first-time and second-time total hip replacements, which have a low risk of infection, tissue damage, and dislocation. Galeazzi orthopedic institute High-risk patients can get implants that are made just for them, and if they need it, they can get a bone transplant from a personal bone bank.

Galeazzi orthopedic institute

At Istituto Galeazzi orthopedic institute, joint replacement:

This department is run by a specialized group of world-class surgeons and trained staff. Each year, they do about 900 knee replacements and 350 hip replacements. In the department, the most up-to-date technology is used to make sure that patients don’t have any problems during or after surgery. Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and avascular necrosis are the most common conditions that knee replacements are used to treat. Galeazzi orthopedic institute There is full, partial, combination, and revisional knee replacement procedures are done to treat these conditions. Wear-and-tear arthritis and osteonecrosis are two of the most common conditions that hip replacement surgery is used to treat. There are both “first-time” and “second-time” hip replacement surgeries.

Galeazzi orthopedic institute

Istituto Galeazzi orthopedic institute Sports Traumatology Center:

The sports traumatology facility at Ortopedico Galeazzi, which works closely with sports professionals, is a world-famous place where adults and children with problems related to sports can get help. Most of the time, knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle problems caused by sports are looked at at the facility. The institute does both surgery and mesenchymal cell therapy for orthopedic problems. In many cases of orthopedic surgery and reconstruction, this therapy has been shown to work. Since these cells can make copies of themselves, they go to places where tissues have been damaged and help them heal. The field is becoming more popular in the orthopedics field, but there aren’t many places that offer it right now. Galeazzi orthopedic institute The clinic also has a program for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, where the best physiotherapists help patients recover and get back to their sports at full strength.

Galeazzi orthopedic institute

Plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Galeazzi orthopedic institute:

Galeazzi orthopedic institute has great operating rooms for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and sees a lot of outpatients every year. The main goal of the department is to give patients the confidence to walk with pride. All interventions are done after a thorough, one-on-one meeting between the doctor and the patient, and they are all based on what the patient wants and what makes them happy.

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