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For first „EMT” stands for European Medical Tourism. Emt is an international event which takes place in Italy with regularity. This event is held in Italy since 2016, in 2020 we did held it ONLINE remaining years always ON PLACE. EMT is an exhibition, where the Buyer meet the Seller. We facilitate the meeting between those who can treat the patient and those who can facilitate the patients to the clinic. Usually, the people who facilitate the patients to the clinics are the Tourism agencies, because we are talking about accommodation, transfer, airplane tickets etc.

  • EMT is a Networking HUB and can help your business to increase the flow of patients.  
  • EMT can give you a global vision – world wide – of developing of foreign countries – attending conferences and Master Classes you will be updated in 2 days about world’s trend, new technologies, digitalization and telemedicine, emerging countries (economical side)
  • EMT is important to see what your competitors are offering and to target and profile better the markets you need to enter.
  • EMT can help you in understanding the Marketing and Sales actions required to be successful.
  • EMT is an exhibition, and it can help you by increasing your VISIBILITY EXPONENTIALLY.
  • EMT can help you by finding patients from abroad countries which are used to pay much more for the same treatment in their country.

The main reason why you are paying is that we give you access to international players on the medical tourism market. If is to search them privately by yourself you would spend more time and more money, so this is our best offer.

Bookings Medis the online booking system for Medical Tourism. It is both B2B and B2C. The new Marketplace for Clinics, Doctors, Thermal Centers and Medical Spa. Registration is free of charge. We work on commission % basis.

To be present in the platform increase your visibility but to open markets and get flows of patients requires many actions. For example to attend to EMT – to be present in the Catalogue – to organize educational and follow up.

The main reasons why you should take EMT in consideration is that EMT is a unique event it has over 800 profiled participants both buyer and seller.

This event is known to be e very effective event. The base for this event to be successful for you even if you are Seller or Buyer is the relationship and networking you develop with your partners. This business is a long-term business. The key advantage of this business is that you get to work with selected clients.

This fair is organized in Italy. In 2023 it will be held in TUSCANY – CHIANCIANO TERME Italy, 2 hours from Rome.

We don`t promise you will get clients instantly. What you will get immediately is a world-wide connection and understanding of how this business runs, how clinics from other countries are moving, what patients are looking for and how you are positioned. If you are ready and targeted on prices, or if you need to work on the standards.

You get immediately face to face meeting with agencies who are sending patients and you can offer your services and take agreement with them receive new flows.

You can participate in this event by finding our contact on bookingsmed.com or on wfsevents.com. You search for the name Dacian Patcas he can guide you – whatsapp no is 0040 739 925 512

No, you can be from everywhere and anywhere.

Yes. It is free forever. There are some paid options that can increase your visibility on this platform but you can choose even free of charge profile.

A buyer is the company who has the base of clients, usually is a tourism agency. They buy the service the product the seller sells.

Sellers are the ones who sells their product, in this case these are clinics, private hospitals dental clinics, aesthetic clinics, Thermal Centers, Thermal Hotels, Medical Spa.

Markets change every year, pandemics, wars, change systematically the economic situation, you must be present and visible constantly in different countries in order not to have stop in the flows.

For Example, before Covid in Europe Russian patients were very researched now clinics are looking for patients in Emirates …. Or African Countries … Or UK and USA

To open a new market usually is necessary 3 years sales and marketing, if you attend to EMT once a year you are always updated and in contact with the right partners.

Medical tourism is when a tourist travel in a foreign country to get medical care for a better price and enjoy the surroundings. Or travel for a better quality or to find treatments that in his country are not available for example Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedy and Neurological Rehabilitation. The need of medical tourism comes from very high prices from countries like Italy, England, USA, Emirates and the list could continue.


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