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EMT 2019 Abano Terme – Italy

EMT 2019 Abano Terme – Italy

Medical and thermal tourism professionals meet at a European conference in Italy. The medical version will be launched with the offers of 120,000 clinics and doctors

Over 100 operators specialized in medical and thermal tourism will be present at the third edition of the European Fair of Medical and B2B Tourism – EMT 2019 organized on November 25 and 26, 2019, at Abano Terme, near Padua. Participants come from several European countries – including Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Norway or Russia, but also from the Middle East, China or India. They will be able to meet with representatives of hotels, clinics and centers in the fields of Thermae & Wellness, Prevention and Treatment .

Romania is also ” growing ” on the map of medical tourism and is a destination increasingly demanded by Italians. They require various medical treatments to be performed in our country – it is only known that dental interventions, for example, are cheaper than in the Iberian Peninsula.

The details of EMT 2019 were developed by the professionals of worldfineselections.com , an online platform dedicated to experimental tourism and highlighting the special things offered by each country.

bookingsmed.com allows online booking of treatments at clinics around the world

will be launched on the occasion of the third edition of the European Medical Tourism Fair. bookingsmed.com will be a platform that will contain the treatment offers and contact details of approximately 120,000 clinics and medical specialists in Italy, Ukraine or India. Over the next three years, their number is expected to reach 500,000 .

Those who thought of this project presented it as a simple tool through which agencies around the world dealing with medical tourism can book treatments online at low prices . And this is because the platform is connected to a network of travel agencies in several countries.

How can bookingsmed.com be used?

The mode of operation of such a medical services platform is similar to the one through which we book a room at a hotel through the well-known booking.com.

In other words: if you, as a patient, are looking for a clinic, a doctor, a hospital that offers treatment or medical services that you need, there are two options. Both include bookingsmed.com .

  • The first is to personally browse the medical offers available on the platform and book the treatment online.
  • The second is to turn to a medical travel agency that is connected to bookingsmed.com. Thus, it offers you the best and cheapest options for what you are looking for.

So, bookingsmed.com works both as a B2B ( business-to-business ) portal – where agreements can be made between clinics, doctors or hospitals, on the one hand, and medical travel agencies, on the other, and as a real online store (B2C), where customers choose their ” products “, ie the desired treatments.

The platform will be accessible in English, but the information is automatically translated into 72 other languages.

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